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TATTOO FASHION -The problem with Fashion

As a tattooed, work driven individual I struggle to find clothes to suit and expose my exact tattoo as well as look creative ,bespoke but naturally hot. I tend to settle and continuously shop with brands in which I may not have previously received the best service, quality or garments agreeable to the nature of my tattoo and maybe the lack of time might be the problem. The compromise between tattoos and fashion is long standing as you either have to put emphasis on Fashion or Exposure. Most women and men don't have days to find the perfect attire for a night out but have hours. My solution takes minutes. It tends to be 2am on a Wednesday morning when I am in a panicked state remembering that I have a party to attend to and then the sudden realization that my wardrobe is toothpick dry hits me. In reality I have 2 wardrobes. The problem is that I only have a few cloths in which I would say I have an attachment too and that's not acceptable. I want to love ALL my cloths as not only am I the one who’s placed them in wardrobe but also Summer's coming and they say all truth comes out in the light.

Imagine paying money for an outfit; knowing wholeheartedly that it will be worn once and tossed to the back of the wardrobe. Well this conveys the value we put on our money, our fashionable vision and overall happiness. The minimal of sensations your supposed to feel when you straddle all your bags into the house; drop them in the hallway; and kick off your shoes is contentment not regret. Being given a selection of boutiques that serve my most defined of needs such as exposure for my exact too at an assured quality and price brings forth a NEW kind of shopping. Make tattoo fashion an executive advantage; not a constraint.

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