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Hello, it's Grace Ngathe, the CEO and Founder of CALL IT WHAT U WANNA-its tattoo fashion.

Today I wanted to talk to you about colours. YES, I SAID IT. I am a bold, flamboyant and certainly; out there sort of girl and I tend to represent that from my fashion statements down to my hair. The ability to be able to capture a room's attention intentionally and unapologetically is what makes me get up put my makeup on and walk out the door every morning: but what I didn't know is that colours can communicate for themselves. For example; wearing a bright pair of orange pants naturally illustrates your hardworking, creative and full of energy in comparison to that blue which is a symbol of loyalty which is why it's so highly recommended for job interviews.

The fact that absentmindedly we correlate colour to a person's traits or mood for example is not at all shocking. For instance, we all knew that person who wears black for every occasion including a wedding and thought that represents power and authority; all I suggest is adding a bit of flavour to the mix.

Doctor Hajo and Adam D came up with the theory of enclothed cognition after an experiment in 2012 where they concluded that people absentmindedly took on the role and characteristic of their clothing. For example, a group that wore a lab cloak would unconsciously pay more attention to detail and be more cautious than a group that wore normal attire demonstrating that if your outfit screams, powerful, confident and sophisticated, naturally you would absorb that role. Let “I'm not brave enough” or “I couldn't pull it off” be a thing of the past as colour can construct your identity.

Let us be people of colour.

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