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Tattoo Exposing Clothing 

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Our customised clothing finder

  • Show us the tattoo and we will show you perfect outfits

  • Find the perfect outfit for your perfect tattoos

  • Our revolutionary software that allows you to showcase your perfect tattoo through the power of fashion

  • The most personalised way to shop for tattooed people

  • We understand your love for tattoos which is why we've created the body map system for you

  • Fashion clothing uniquely found for you

  • Our body map system will save you time and effort

  • Get in touch with the team at Call It What U Wanna today

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Body map system

Try out our unique body mapping system



Call It What U Wanna provides you with the perfect opportunity to showcase your body art. We search for the most appropriate clothing to expose your tattoos, saving you time and effort when shopping for clothing in the UK. Our affordable service will ensure you own sustainable clothing of a high quality that allow you to show your tattoos with confidence.

We stock a wide range of both ladies and men's clothing in various different styles, sizes, colours and product types to be sure there is something for everyone wanting to expose their tattoos with fashionable garments. 


  • Sustainable, high quality clothing range

  • Affordable, competitively priced items

  • Save time searching for clothing that will showcase your body art 

  • Clothing to suit any fashion style

  • Both ladies and gents clothing available in one place 

  • All sizes available

  • Clothing from reputable brands and designers 

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Just like you, we care about the environment here at Call It What U Wanna. That’s why we are constantly looking to make better choices in terms of utilising our resources wherever possible. We ensure to do all we can to minimise our environmental impact and promote sustainable, tattoo exposing fashion that you will love.


  • Active wear

  • Coats and jackets 

  • Dresses 

  • Hoodies and sweatshirts 

  • Jeans

  • Jumpers and cardigans

  • Jumpsuits and playsuits 

  • Lingerie and underwear 

  • Nightwear 

  • Loungewear

  • Shorts 

  • Skirts 

  • Swimwear and beachwear

  • Tops 

  • Suits and tailoring 

  • Tracksuits and sweatpants 

  • Trousers and leggings

  • Shirts

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